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Feed your largest organ nutrients that are vital to skin health. Rhonda Allison cosmeceutical professional products combines only the purest, fresh quality driven ingredients (think Vitamin C, Vitamin E, & The Heart of Green Tea) which we then chirally correct for optimal efficacy and pair them with intelligent ingredients like peptides and growth factors to deliver scientifically proven results. Our Skin Care services are designed to treat your specific skin type using Rhonda Allison advanced cosmeceutical products. Improve Radiance, Hydrate & Moisten, Lighten & Brighten, see healthier more supple skin.

FACELIFT Massage is included in each Facial service. Facial massage delivers tighter skin, resulting in diminished wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines and frown lines. Natural Facelift Massage is a technique that uses various modalities. Results are visible after the first treatment, although at least six one-hour sessions at least once a week are recommended for the accumulative effects. Facial Massage helps to: 

  • Increase circulation
  • Promote oxygenation of facial muscles and tissues 
  • Remove adhesions and possible scar tissue

Manual facial lymph drainage removes metabolic wastes by pushing them to lymph nodes for disposal. This paves the way for nutrients to flow through clean blood plasma, resulting in nourished and rejuvenated skin. 

Signature Organic Facial

The Signature Organic Facial uses the power of medicinal herbs and extracts, naturally active enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants in creating real change in your skin. Your esthetician will customize your treatment to address your essential needs. 60 min. $79 | 90 min. $124

(90 min. Facial includes 30 min. Upper Body Massage).

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Tropical Rejuvenator Facial

Quench your thirst with this refreshing tropical blend that leaves your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and luminous. This treatment helps reverse the signs of aging by using powerful fruit enzymes, c-peptide complex, and the 12 Flower mask. 

60 min. $89  |  90 min. Facial (includes 30 min. Upper Body Massage) $134

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C-Awaken Facial

Awaken the skin for a luminous glow using the power of Vitamin C and special melanin suppressing enzymes to bring life to dull, photo damaged skin. With the added benefits from daisy flower extracts and pure milk protein, skin will be left hydrated and radiant. 60 min. $89

90 min. Facial (includes 30 min. Upper Body Massage) $134

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Illuminate & Glow Express Facial

Keep skin glowing with this quick perk-me-up treatment for a flawless, luminous complexion. The Illuminate & Glow Express Facial is designed to cleanse and gently exfoliate, infusing skin with a nutritious cocktail of firming ingredients and antioxidants. A beautiful outcome that will have your skin radiant for those special nights out or important meetings! Less time, great results! 35 min. $60 (Add 30 min. Upper Body Massage) $45

Total - $105 

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Radiant Glow

Begin your experience with a customized Massage followed your choice of Facial treatments. This spa package will melt away stress and tight muscles, and leave your skin with a radiant healthy glow. 

60 min. Massage & 60 min. Facial $168   

90 min. Massage & 60 min. Facial $205

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Teen Facial

Facials for teens are often designed to specifically address breakouts that frequently are associated with adolescent skin. Teen facials typically begin with a deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions. A healing mask will then help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or eliminate oily particles. 60 min. $79

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